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Factors Affecting Poultry Egg Production

Jul. 20, 2021

There are many factors that directly affect egg production rate. To understand these factors, we need to study the history of the hen. Factors such as aging, feed supplement, water, light intensity and duration, and disease can affect egg production.


Aging hens: Aging is a big problem in egg production. A hen can live for many years and she will keep laying eggs during these years. But after a sudden period of time, for example 2 or 3 years, her egg production rate decreases significantly. This really depends on the quality of the hens you keep. A good laying hen will lay eggs continuously for 50 to 60 weeks and then take a break. This period is called molting. Poorer and older hens molt more frequently and lay fewer eggs.


Improper nutrition: Hens need a balanced diet with adequate levels of protein and calcium to maintain maximum egg production over a period of time. Improper nutrition can cause hens to stop laying eggs. Unbalanced levels of protein, energy and calcium can reduce egg production. This is why it is so important to provide a consistently balanced diet for a consistent supply of eggs.

H-Egg Boost WSP

H-Egg Boost WSP

H-Egg Boost WSP is a highly concentrated water soluble powder formulation of essential vitamins for use as a supplement to other feeding stuffs to meet the chickens vitamin requirements. It is also indicated as an amino acid to increasing egg production in pullets, layers under stress apparently healthy laying chickens, old hens approaching the end of their laying cycle, and breeding flocks.


Dosage And Administration of H-Egg Boost WSP

H-Egg Boost WSP is recommended for given in the drinking water at the rate of:100g of H-Egg Boost WSP per 150-250 liters of drinking water, for 5 days continuously.


Rejection of important food components: Another important factor for your hens to occasionally lay eggs is the subtraction of important food components.

Salt: Every animal needs salt. If you subtract salt from your food list, it will reduce egg production. Most animals' food contains salt in the form of sodium chloride. It does not contain any iodine.


Sodium is an important nutrient that plays an important role in maintaining fluid volume, proper osmotic relationships and blood pH. Chlorine is also an important component. The hydrochloric acid released from the stomach helps digest food. Chlorine also maintains the osmotic balance in body fluids.


Calcium: The hen's eggshell consists mainly of calcium carbonate. A new hen needs relatively little calcium during her growing period, but when she starts laying, she needs about four times as much calcium as she did in the first few days. An inadequate supply of calcium will result in a lower egg production rate. Calcium can be provided along with food. Limestone is a great source of calcium. You can mix it with the food offered to the hen.


Vitamin D: Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and if the food composition does not provide the right amount of vitamin D, egg production will be reduced. The diet contains both D3 and D2 forms of vitamin D. In birds, D3 is more active than D2. Therefore, you must provide vitamin D in the form of D3 only.


Protein: The protein requirement is actually the requirement for the amino acids that make up protein. There are about 22 amino acids in human protein, and they are all essential. Hens cannot produce all of these, nor can they produce enough to meet their requirements. Therefore, poultry farmers need to provide additional protein in the food they supply. The amount of amino acids required depends on age, type and strain.

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