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Solution/Suspension for Injection

No.Product   NameSpec.
1Amoxicillin   suspension15%, 20% 
2Amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium suspension14%+3.5%
3Amoxicillin +Gentamycin suspension15%:4%
4Ceftiofur HCl   suspension5%
5Ceftiofur HCl   and Ketoprofen suspension5%+15%
6Cefquinome   sulfate suspension2.5%
7Doxycycline   injection5%,10%
8Enrofloxacin   injection2.5%, 10%, 20%
9Florfenicol   injection20%, 30%
10Gamithromycin   injection15%
11Gentamicin   sulfate injection4%, 5%, 10%
12Gentamicin and   analgin injection15000IU:0.2g/ml
13Lincomycin HCl   injection10%
14Lincomycin HCl   and Spectinomycin HCl injection5%+10%
15Norfloxacin injection15%
16Oxytetracycline   injection10%, 20%, 30%
17Oxytetracycline   HCl injection5%, 10%
18Penicillin Procaine and Dihydrostreptomycin Sulfate Suspension200:250mg200:200mg
19Procaine Penicillin G +Dihydrostreptomycin   Sulphate+Flunixin suspension20%:20%:0.0125%
20Procaine Penicillin G+Dihydrostreptomycin   +Dexamethasone suspension20%:25%:0.1%
21Procaine Penicillin G+benzylpenicillin+Dihydrostreptomycin   Suplhate suspension12.5:12.5%:16%
22Penicillin   procaine and neomycin suspension200,000IU+10%
23Penicillin   procaine and benzyl penicillin suspension15%+11.25%
24Sulfadiazine   sodium injection10%, 20%
25Sulfadiazine   sodium + TMP injection20%+4%, 40%+8%
26Sulfadimidine   sodium injection33.3%
27Tiamulin   injection10%
28Tylosin   injection5% 10% 20% 30%
29Timicosin   injection30%
30Tildipirosin   injection (For Pigs)4%
31Tildipirosin   injection (For Cattle)18%
32Tulathromycin   injection10%

Sterile Powder for Injection

No.Product   NameSpec.
1Amoxicillin sodium and sulbactam sodium for   Injection0.5g
2Benzathine penicillin and Procaine penicillin for   Injection900,000IU
3Benzyl penicillin, Procaine penicillin and   Streptomycin sulfate for Injection0.5MIU+1.5MIU+5g
4Cefradine for Injection0.5g
5Ceftiofur sodium for Injection0.1g, 0.5g, 1g
6Erythromycin lactobionate for Injection0.25g
7Procaine penicillin and dihydrostreptomycin sulfate   for Injection0.5g

Water Soluble Powder/Premix

No.Product   NameSpec.
1Amprolium hydrochloride Soluble Powder20%,  25%
2Amoxicillin   Soluble Powder20%, 50%
3Amoxicillin+Colistin   Sulphate Soluble Powder200mg:2000000IU
4Ampicillin   Soluble Powder20%
5Ciprofloxacin   Soluble Powder20%
6Colistin Sulfate   Soluble Powder10%, 20%
7Doxycycline HCL Soluble Powder10%, 20%
8Erythromycin Thiocyanate Soluble Powder20%
9Enrofloxacin   Soluble Powder10%, 20%
10Flumequine Soluble Powder10%, 20%
11Florfenicol   Premix50%
12Gentamycin Sulfate Soluble Powder50%
13Lincomycin + Spectinomycin   Soluble Powder150g
14Lincomycin   Soluble Powder10%
15Neomycin   Sulphate Soluble Powder20%, 25%
16Norfloxacin   soluble powder15%
17Oxytetracycline   (HCL) Soluble Powder10%, 20%, 50%
18Ofloxacin   soluble powder20%
19Sulfadiazine+trimethoprim   soluble powder40%: 8%
20Sulfadimidine+Diaveridine   soluble powder80%: 8%
21Tylosin Tartrate   Soluble Powder20%, 100%
22Tylosin + Doxycycline   Soluble Powder10%, 20%
23Tilmicosin   Soluble Powder30%
24Tiamulin Soluble   Powder45%

Oral Solution/Suspension

No.Product   NameSpec.
1Colistin sulfate   oral solution20%, 50%
2Difloxacin HCl   solution2.5%
3Doxycycline oral   solution10%
4Enrofloxacin   oral solution10%, 20%
5Enrofloxacin   +Colistin Sulphate oral solution10%+4%
6Flumequine   solution10%
7Florfenicol oral   solution20%, 30%
8Norfloxacin oral   solution10%


No.Product   NameSpec.
1Cloxacillin 200mg and ampicillin 75mg suspension7g/syringe
2Cloxacillin 500mg and ampicillin 250mg suspension7g/syringe