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Solution for Injection

No.Product   NameSpec.
1Avermectin   injection1%
2Buparvaquone   injection5%
3Closantel sodium   injection5%
4Diminazene diaceturate and Antipyrine injection7%+37.5%
5Doramectin   injection1%
6Ivermectin   injection1%, 2%
7Ivermectin injection   long acting1%, 2%
8Ivermectin and   clorsulon injection1%+10%
9Levamisole   injection5%, 7.5%, 10%
10Moxidectin   injection (For Sheep)1%; 2%
11Moxidectin   injection LA (For Cattle)10%
12Nitroxynil   injection25%, 34%
13Parvaquone   injection15%

Sterile Powder for Injection

No.Product   NameSpec.
1Diminazene diaceturate and Antipyrine for injection   (Granule)2.36g, 23.6g
2Diminazene diaceturate and Antipyrine for injection   (Powder)2.36g
3Quinapyramine HCl1g
4Quinapyramine Sulfate1g

Water Soluble Powder/Premix

No.Product   NameSpec.
1Diclazuril Soluble Powder5%, 10%
2Fenbendazole   PremixAccording to requirement
3Levamisole   soluble powderAccording to requirement
4Tetramisole HCL   Soluble Powder30%

Oral Solution/Suspension

No.Product   NameSpec.
1Albendazole   suspension2.5%, 10%
2Diclazuril oral   solution2.5%
3Fenbendazole and Rafoxanide oral suspension5%+5%
4Ivermectin   drench0.08%
5Ivermectin +Albendazole oral solution0.1%+2.5%
6Ivermectin + Selenium Sodium oral solution0.08%+0.05%
7Ivermectin+ALbendazole+Selenium Sodium +Cobalt oral   solution
8Levamisole oral   solution1.5%, 3%
9Levamisole and   Oxyclozanide oral suspension1.5%+3%, 3%+6%
10Oxyclozanide+Levamisole Hcl oral solution3%+1.5%; 6%+3%
11Tetramisole Hcl oral solution10%
12Toltrazuril oral   solution/suspension2.5%, 5%


No.Product   NameSpec.
1Albendazole   tablet250mg, 300mg, 600mg, 2500mg
2Homidium HCl   tablet250mg
3Levamisole   tablet150mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg
4Mebendazole   tablet600mg
5Oxyclozinide   tablet2700mg
6Oxyclozinide + Tetramisole   HCl tablet450mg+450mg; 1400mg+2000mg
7Tetramisole HCl   tablet600mg